Bushy Park 0.4ML/day Potable WTP

Water Treatment

February 2019

About this Project

TasWater engaged Gradiant Australia in early 2018 to design, construct and commission a permanent Water Treatment Plant (WTP) that can provide potable water adhering to the rigorous quality targets set for the Gretna, Bushy Park, and Glenora townships.

The raw water feed for the plant is sourced from Lake Fenton, which requires suspended solid removal, pH correction, dissolved organics & colour removal, and multi-barrier disinfection. These treatment goals have been achieved through various treatment processes.

The feed is dosed with coagulant and pumped through an inlet screen to removal large foreign particulates. Calcite and GAC filtration are then employed to improve pH and aesthetics quality of the treated water. Multi-stage chlorine disinfection is used to provide effective removal of all pathogens contained in the treated water stream before entering the storage tank.

The WTP is fitted with a fully automatic PLC that regulates equipment operations based on the signal outputs from level, flow, pressure and water analysis transmitters.