Paluma 90kL/day WTP

Water Treatment

May 2018

About this Project

Gradiant Australia were engaged by Townsville City Council in late 2017 to design, construct and commission a containerised Water Treatment Plant to provide potable water adhering to the Australia Drinking Water Guidelines for the Paluma Township, 70 km north-west of Townsville.

The raw water delivered to the plant is sourced from a local river which required suspended solid removal, dissolved organics and colour removal and multi-barrier disinfection, these treatment goals were achieved by using a range of treatment processes.

The inlet screening was used to removal large foreign particles from the river water feed, Ultrafiltration membranes were utilised to effectively removal all suspended solids, GAC filtration was employed to remove colour and organics from the raw water, UV and chlorine disinfection were used to provide effective remove of all pathogens contained in the raw water supply.

The WTP is a fully automatic system that incorporates VSD controlled feed pump; flow, pressure and water analysis transmitters; and CIP system.