Newcrest Mining 14ML/day WTP

Water Treatment

November 2019

About this Project

Gradiant Australia was engaged by Newcrest Mining Limited to design, construct and commission a WTP capable of providing a reliable supply of screened water (<50 micron) for injection into the strategic wellheads as a part of their pit cooling pre-feasibility study.

Two diesel intake pumps were utilised to transfer raw water to the WTP, where basket strainers and screen filtration perform the required solids and particulate removal prior to injection. Basket strainers (8mm) screen and remove large solids from the feed water prior to filtration through 50 micron self-cleaning screen filters.


The majority of plant electrical controls have been containerised and are housed within a combined motor control centre and a local control panel. The filtration and injection system is fully automated by the local PLC through the monitoring of various process parameters.