Ensham 50kL/day WWTP

Wastewater Treatment

August 2019

About this Project

Gradiant Australia was engaged by Ensham Resources to design, construct and commission a WWTP to provide sewage treatment. The required treated effluent quality parameters were achieved through the implementation of a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System which incorporates ultrafiltration with an activated sludge process.

The raw sewage is initially screened prior to introduction with the activated sludge in the Aerobic Bioreactor, where organic compounds are then decomposed. Hollow fiber membranes then facilitate the final filtration to produce the required effluent.



Chemical dosing systems was also implemented to facilitate effective membrane cleaning and disinfection of the treated effluent.    

Required instrumentation, equipment, and control systems were containerised where possible, and the plant is fully automated by a local PLC, requiring minimal operator input.