20ML/day Aeration Towers – Dubbo NSW

Water Treatment

April 2021


Gradiant Australia designed, constructed and commissioned aeration towers to strip CO2 from bore water for Dubbo Regional Council. We worked within the constraints of existing infrastructure and ensured no disruption to the existing water supply.

Gradiant Australia was engaged by Dubbo Regional Council to design, construct, and commission aeration towers to strip CO2 from bore water at the existing John Gilbert Park WTP in Dubbo, NSW. This brownfield site required careful planning to ensure Dubbo had a continuous supply of drinking water during construction. 



The aeration towers were constructed with high-density polyethylene and polypropylene media, with bore water pumped through to the aeration towers. The two aeration towers installed on site use aeration fans to blow air in a counter flow direction to strip dissolved CO2 from the raw water. The treated water then flows into an existing treated water storage tank. The WTP is a fully automatic system with PLC and SCADA systems used for the control of the two aeration towers and fans.

As a result of 6 months of technical and commercial collaboration, Gradiant Australia were able to ensure the most appropriate solution was selected. The system was delivered on schedule and designed for ease of accessibility, operation and maintenance. Dubbo Regional Council was supplied with a high-quality system that was able to reduce CO2 levels by 90%.