Bemboka 500kL/day Potable WTP

Water Treatment

May 2019

About this Project

Gradiant Australia was engaged by Bega Valley Shire Council in late 2017 to design, construct and commission a permanent 500kL/day Water Treatment Plant to provide the town of Bemboka potable water adhering to the water quality specifications stipulated by the Council.

Raw water delivered to the plant is sourced from a local river which contained hazards including pathogens, colour, and turbidity. These issues were addressed with a range of treatment processes. Raw water is pumped through self-cleaning screen filters to remove larger particulate that can damage the membrane surface. The filtered stream is then dosed with CO2, soda ash, and aluminium chlorohydrate coagulant, before entering a flocculation tank for contaminant agglomeration. Ultrafiltration membranes are utilised to effectively remove all remaining suspended solids and pathogens while improving aesthetics of the treated water.

The WTP is a fully automatic system that incorporates VSD controlled feed pump and transmitters for flow, pressure, as well as water analysis. A CIP system has also been installed to enable self-cleaning of the membranes and minimise downtime.