Barangaroo Headland Park 36kL/day GWTP

Water Treatment

August 2020

About this Project

Gradiant Australia was engaged by Lendlease to design, construct, and commission a water treatment plant at the Barangaroo Headland Park. The plant treats seawater ingress from Sydney Harbour as well as heavy metal contaminated subsoil and seepage water from the surrounding sandstone.

The Gradiant Australia plant replaced an existing system which was unable to provide the levels of suspended solid removal, heavy metals removal and pH correction required.

The treatment goals were achieved by using a range of treatment processes including aeration, clarification, media filtration, ion exchange, chemical dosing, and sludge removal.

The treated water produced is EPA compliant and is discharged into the Harbour. The plant is fully automated by the local PLC through the monitoring of various process parameters. Existing equipment and instrumentation were re-used and integrated with the new system, including pumps and analysis elements, to minimise costs and footprint.