Water treatment

Potable, Industrial, and Recycled Water

25 Years of excellence

Water Treatment is our bread and butter

Utilising the latest advances in water treatment technologies, Gradiant Australia produce potable, industrial and recycled water treatment solutions within the municipal, resource, construction and industrial sectors. Gradiant Australia has successfully delivered package and permanent water treatment plants to clients around the world, producing high quality treated water for a range of applications.

We can provide package (containerised or skid mounted) and permanent plants that:
– Meet and exceed client and regulatory standards
– Utilise proven and robust components and technologies
– Are designed, built and tested under our ISO 9001 Quality Management System
– Satisfy client budgetary expectations

Gradiant Australia provides custom designed and manufactured water treatment solutions that utilise a variety of technologies including:
– Particle filtration
– Membrane filtration
– Reverse Osmosis
– Media filtration
– Disinfection
– Aeration

Gradiant is a leading global solutions provider and developer of cleantech water projects for advanced water and wastewater treatment. Gradiant's robust, end-to-end solutions and proven technical delivery and operations expertise enable sustainable and cost-effective treatment of the most complex water challenges.