Sludge Management

Dewatering and Disposal

25 Years of excellence

Effective Management of Generated Sludge

Gradiant Australia are able to provide proven sediment and sludge management technologies to assist in the dewatering and disposal within the industrial and municipal treatment sectors. The treatment and disposal of sludge is an expensive and sensitive problem across the globe, with environmental quality standards becoming increasingly stringent. Traditional disposal options, like landfilling, are coming under pressure and the new challenge for decision makers is to find cost-effective and innovative solutions that address environmental, regulatory and community expectations.

There are several advantages to dewatering & drying your sludge:

-Total waste volume reduction
-Recycling of water
-Reduced risk of discharge failure
-Able to operate on smaller footprint
-Income from material reuse e.g. biosolids

Gradiant is a leading global solutions provider and developer of cleantech water projects for advanced water and wastewater treatment. Gradiant's robust, end-to-end solutions and proven technical delivery and operations expertise enable sustainable and cost-effective treatment of the most complex water challenges.